Corinium Conference 2018

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Conference – London, February 2018 A two day conference with a preliminary Focus Day and a trade exhibition running concurrently. This conference was a much larger event than those held in previous years, so it necessitated a degree of upscaling in most respects. We had the pleasure of being involved in many previous events but these were more like meetings than full blown conferences. The challenge was to increase the size but maintain the i

Tips on how to plan a successful conference

If you have not had to do this before, you may find it quite daunting but if you plan ahead and seek some advice, it can be a very straightforward process. First, establish the size of event you need to run and look for an appropriate venue. If you know how many guests you are expecting, you can plan everything around this and ensure a comfortable and productive environment. There are agencies to help with this and they will know which v