Circus Show 

  • An exhilarating and non stop show filled with acrobatics and stunning visuals.

  • Influenced by the incredible Cirque du soleil 

  • Perfect for corporate events and product launch events

Aerial Dance

  • Bespoke aerial silk and harness performance and rigging packages for high profile live events and in film and television.

  • Innovative swinging silks and multiple girl silks performances, Viva has been entertaining audiences in the London and UK corporate scenes and internationally.

  • Viva artists pioneered aerial silks performance in the UK, first bringing it to a national audience with BBC1's red silks IDENT, which ran for 4 years with 40,000 showings.


  • The show is about our past, our growth, the present and looking optimistically forward to our future! Together, what can we achieve next?

  • A team of ex-gymnasts and sports acrobats that create incredible balances, lifts, somersaults and dance all whilst melting our silhouettes into one unique and mesmerizing image, one after the other. 

  • Visually stunning and unique

  • As seen on TV (BGT)