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Kafka Summit - London, 23 April 2018

We were pleased to work alongside Evito for the Networking evening event at the Confluents Kafka Summit 2018 at The Park Plaza Hotel in the heart of London’s Victoria on 23 April.

We were asked to provide games which would appeal to an audience drawn primarily from the Open-source Code writing community and the majority of the games were to have a ‘retro’ feel.

First on the scene, during the drinks reception, were our team of marvellous magicians, who circulated amongst the guests as they enjoyed some drinks, a spot of networking and visited the exhibition stands. They always prove a hit at these events and the laughter rising from the four corners of the room, showed it to be the case once again.

Then to the games - first up were a series of Retro style arcade game, featuring shoot ‘em ups and driving games where the participants stand at the machines and play. There is something about the old fashioned nature of these games which proves irresistible, even in this day and age!

Next was another throwback, the table games, with Pacman and other classics, fondly remembered from the early 80’s

Giant Scalextric is always a crowd pleaser and prove no less on this occasion. Once the competitive spirits have been roused, there’s no stopping the guests and they competed keenly, right through the evening.

Footpool proved to be another hit with the guests – with our freestyle footballers on hand to show how to really control the ball, the oversized pool tables proved a great draw and a source of satisfaction and frustration in equal measure!

The biggest draw of the night however, proved to be the Racing Simulators – we provided two banks of four full seated machines, linked together to enable racing between multiple competitors and linked to the large conference screens, so everyone could see the action. From the moment the event began, to the end of the evening, the machines we always in use and the competition fierce – a great time was had by all

A very successful event all round and a great pleasure to work with Paul and the team at Evito and everyone from Confluent who arranged the conference – we look forward to doing it all again next year!

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