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Go Virtual and Avoid the Virus

Fuelled by the Broadcast media, the fear of Coronavirus infection has caused some organisations to consider cancelling conferences and other events. Here at The CBS Group, we have the perfect solution – rather than cancel the event, why not let us host your speakers and broadcast your conference through a Video Conferencing App, or via Youtube, Facebook etc.

We can host you in our studio or lecture theatre, or if you prefer, we can bring our studio equipment and personnel to your HQ and arrange the broadcast from there. Either way, your delegates stay at their base and tune in to the App – ensuring your conference goes ahead and there’s no risk of infection.

  • HD Videography

  • Crystal Clear Audio

  • Stage, Lectern and Conference

  • SetProfessional Broadcast Technicians

  • Choice of Studio, Lecture Theatre or your own venue

  • Use of your preferred video conferencing app

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