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Planning a festival wedding?

Planning a festival wedding?

If you love music, flowers, food and fun then a festival themed wedding is the perfect for you. Here are a few tips on how to make the planning process easier!


Not only does this save you money but it also gives your festival wedding that rustic feel. We are talking flower crowns, bunting, table centres, wooden signs and much more, hobby craft has never been so popular! However, lets be realistic, if you have a full time job and a social life, if you don’t have a mini army around you and hours of spare time the DIY option can seem very daunting. This is where websites like and will become your best friend. These websites list small creative businesses that focus on providing artistic and unique designs that you can’t find on the high street.


Music is going to play a big part in any festival wedding. An unplugged acoustic guitarist and singer for your wedding ceremony will set the tone as guests arrive and for your big entrance. A roaming band for your drinks reception as your guests get to know each other and a Mumford and sons style party band in the evening to get everyone up dancing! Try and form a relationship with the band leader so you know the person who is going to play such a big part in your special day. Most importantly don’t be afraid to ask questions.


The most popular venue option for a festival wedding is of course a tipi or a gastro pub (with a beer garden)! Unlike normal marquees and function rooms they already have a lot of character so you can save money on the decor. If you have your heart set on a tipi just be prepared to get wet! Have your wellies at the ready and remember that rain can blow sideways into the venue, tipi marquees often have open sides.


There are endless options for festival-style food; picnics, hog roasts, retro food vans, pizza ovens, fish and chips and many more. The most important thing to remember is that people will be drinking all day so don’t forget to provide enough food. The beauty of having festival-style food vans is that they are there all day and people can help themselves whenever they feel hungry and you don’t have to have a formal sit down meal. If you want to save money why not organise a ‘bring your own’ picnic.


Your wedding photographs will last forever! It is so important to book an experienced and professional photographer, someone who can work under time pressure and also in different weather conditions. Get to know your photographer, book in a pre wedding shoot to make you feel more comfortable on the day. You are going to be up, close and personal on the big day so you need to ensure you have a good relationship with your photographer.


Pin down your theme! Create a Pinterest board and start to collect ideas and inspiration from weddings all over the world. Share the board with your bridesmaids and get your hubby to be on board too. Most brides make the mistake of creating one ‘Wedding’ board and then realising they need separate boards for every aspect of the wedding.


If you want to really bring the Glastonbury feel then why not book something unique to entertain your guests throughout the day? The options are endless; vintage VW photobooths, giant garden games, coconut shy, Limbo, Prosseco vans and much more. For more inspiration on this check out page for some fun ideas!

If you’re looking for music for your big day, check out our portfolio of acts

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